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the moon has been sighted

my father texted me

tomorrow will be eid

an evening flight to durban

an exodus to the motherland

for south african indian muslims

to celebrate this festival with family

eid morning begins early

prayer, then assembling trays of sweet treats

for neighbours, families and friends

dressed in our finest

sharing in a breakfast feast

which includes eid milk

a delicious blend of

milk, vermicelli, almonds, pistachios and cardamom

bear hugs are shared

while wishing each other eid mubarak

then we leave home to visit family

more bear hugs and wishes are exchanged

joy fills the air

everyone excited to be in each others company

a glorious union of family

the children are most excited

some beaming for having kept all their fasts

soon they will receive eidee

gifts of money from all their elders

my favourite part when i was a child

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