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my darling mia

my dearest niece

my favourite little girl

in all of the universe

you couldn’t wait to enter this world,

that you came in early

sadly we couldn’t hold you for a long while

and then you came home

and we couldn’t let you go

you were the littlest bundle of happiness

filled our hearts with love we’ve never before known

and now how you are thriving

you are our pride and joy

smart and sassy

our conversations are a delight

vibrant and creative

i love the drawings you make for me for no occasion

compassionate and kind

always sensing when others are down

strong and lithe

effortlessly swinging on monkey bars

how you dance with all of your heart

your favourite colour is dark blue

not pink like most other girls your age

you are special

the most special little human

i love you

more than the grains of sand on a beach

more than all the drops of water in the ocean

my dearest niece

my darling mia

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