road trip

little cousins secure in their car seats

car sick kit on the seat between them

excited to be spending this time together

and seeing their grandparents

snacks packed

and we are off

it’s a beautifully sunny winter’s day

not long after we leave the city

we are driving through picturesque landscape

arid but alluring

skeletons of trees

brown and copper hues


glistening windmills

countless cows so languid they appear as statues

sheep, horses and ostriches

and a baby monkey i almost hit

enveloped by mountains silhouetted against blue skies

with candyfloss clouds

“is this the drakensberg mountains?” the cousins say on repeat

the majestic sterkfontein dam

trucks transporting goods between the two metropolises

little known towns such as sarclet

sandwiches at a family restaurant at the rest stop

locals selling animal figurines moulded from clay

and some selling whips

who are these tourists who buy whips and why?

our little boy wanting one just like indiana jones

and finally reaching our destination

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